New books coming soon

Mark Blacklock
A debut novel by London writer Mark Blacklock [below], based on the story of John Humble, author of the Yorkshire Ripper hoax letters, is to be published by Granta. Described as a puzzle and a hoax, I’m Jack will be published in 2015.

[photo: Christina Smiley]

[photo: Christina Smiley]

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Terry Stiastny
Acts of Omission, the debut novel from former BBC News journalist Terry Stiastny [below] will be published by John Murray on July 17, 2014 as part of a two-book deal. Terry Stiastny 19-6-14The book is set in 1998 in Britain and Germany, ten years after the Berlin Wall came down. The Germans want a disk containing the names of British informants to the Stasi, which has been lost by Alex, a young man working for the SIS. When the disk is delivered to the newspaper where Alex’s ex-girlfriend Anna Travers works, the mystery starts to unravel. Acts of omission by terry stiastny 19-6-14Stiastny said of Acts of Omission [above]: “It’s a story of political intrigue inspired by the time I spent working as a journalist in Westminster and in Berlin, about what happens when state secrets become public, and the human cost of those secrets.”

Ollie Quain
Former journalist Ollie Quain has sold two debut women’s fiction novels to MIRA. The first, How to Lose Weight and Alienate People, was published in May this year. The second, yet to be titled, will be released in summer 2015. how to lose weight and influence people by ollie quain 19-6-14How to Lose Weight and Alienate People, described as a dark comedy, follows the story of Vivian, an unfocused and unemotional actress living in the fast lane, who hits 35 and meets a movie star.

Haruki Murakami
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, the new novel by Japanese cult author Murakami, will be published in the UK by Harvill Secker on August 12, 2014. The book sold one million copies in its first week of release in Japan last year, and has already topped the bestseller lists in Germany, Spain and Holland.

It tells the story of Tsukuru Tazaki, whose life changed when his relationships with his high school friends were severed. Now in adulthood Tsukuru decides to reconnect with all of those friends to discover the reason behind their decision to reject him.

Susan Hill
Printer’s Devil Court, the new ghost story by Susan Hill, will be published by Profile on September 25, in time for Halloween. printer's devil court by susan hill 19-6-14It tells the story of four medical students who have begun to interfere with death, carrying out shadowy experiments beyond the realms of medical ethics in their lodgings in Printer’s Devil Court and a hospital mortuary.

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Caroline Kepnes
Journalist, director and television writer Caroline Kepnes is to publish two novels with Simon & Schuster UK. You, the first book in the deal, is set in New York and tells the story of Joe Goldberg and his obsession with a young woman called Beck. He stalks her through Facebook and Twitter, he knows where she lives, what she does and how to make her fall for him. You will be published in September 2014.

To read Hollywood Reporter’s take on the Kepnes book deal, click here.


    • Susan Hill is one of my favourite all-time writers, and she was born where I was! I love her ghost stories, and also her detective series. 🙂 SD

  1. That first one sounds interesting although I probably wouldn’t read it. The whole Ripper saga was far too close to home for me. If people remember where they were when Kennedy was killed, I remember where I was when Sutcliffe was arrested. And was very very relieved.