My Top 5… fictional heroes to follow on Facebook

Everyone has their favourite fictional heroes, the ones we want to read about again. We watch them in films, debate the casting, but always remain loyal to the book.

fictional heroesMr Darcy
Rejection in the first place does increase mystique. In the films he comes over as one-dimensional whereas in the book there is always the hint of hidden layers, plus Austen’s delicate inferences that Lizzie’s assumptions are a little presumptive.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen [UK: Penguin]


fictional heroesEdward Cullen
Rejection [see Mr Darcy], plus golden eyes and that olden cadence of speaking, manners, loyalty, the way his mouth crinkles when he smiles. Something about speed too, his athleticism, his ability to run without crashing into trees. Ilyana Kadushin, the actress who reads the audio CD, has a most unnervingly sexy voice for Edward.

‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer [UK: Atom]


fictional heroesMr Rochester

Rejection again [Mr Darcy, again]. This is the same story curve as The Sound of Music – Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer – the unwilling governess with no other employment alternative, the handsome but flawed older man, the authoritative boss, the emotional connection.

‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte [UK: Penguin]


fictional heroesJamie Fraser

Where do I start? Strength of body and mind, a touching softness when he is with Claire or his sister, the kilt, his authority as a leader of men, his bravery, his… Scottishness. Excellent fighter. Great accent.

‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon [UK: Arrow]


fictional heroesAragorn

I fell in love with him on the page when I was 16 reading Lord of the Rings in bed with mumps and an allergic reaction to the penicillin given to me because of the mumps. Aragorn got me from the first page on which he featured. Viggo Mortensen completed the job. Great with a sword. Wasn’t convinced by Peter Jackson’s addition of his love dalliance with Eowyn. Leave it alone, he loves Arwen.

‘Lord of the Rings’ by JRR Tolkein [UK: HarperCollins]

fictional heroesMikel Blomkvist
It’s not just the Daniel Craig effect, because Michael Nyqvist [left] who plays him in the original Swedish films is sexy while not being James Bond. The character on the page is a wonderful mixture of moralistic, single-minded man, attuned to his feminine-side, a stylishly-dressed guy with a cool apartment. Great coffee. And he sees the women in his life as equals – Lisbeth, his girlfriend/business partner Erika Berger and his sister Annika. He’s sexy on the page, it’s nothing to do with what he looks like.

‘The Millennium Trilogy’ by Stieg Larsson [UK: MacLehose Press]

These are my Top 6 [I couldn’t decide which one to drop to make it Top 5]. Who are your fictional heroes?

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