My Top 5… author websites

There are some authors I love to read, there are others who I read because I learn something from their books. Here’s my list of the author websites I find useful.

1 Kate Mosse
Heaps of writing advice, interesting snippets about her writing life and her latest books. Lots of depth, lots of content to explore. She blogs and tweets regularly. Click on the link ‘Kate’s Advice to Writers’ for writing advice from Kate and her creative writing teacher husband, Greg.


[photo: Mark Rusher]

To read an interview with Kate Mosse talking with The Independent about her new book, The Taxidermist’s Daughter, click here.
To read why Kate Mosse says her skill is storytelling, rather than literary fiction, click here to read an interview with The Guardian. authorFor my review of Citadel, the last of the Languedoc trilogy by Kate Mosse, click here.
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2 Susan Hill
Another writer whose website is regularly updated, loads of book information and special offers, including exclusive short stories on Kindle, special book editions and signed copies. And she was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire… like me!



To read my reviews of Susan Hill’s books, including the fantastic detective series about Simon Serrailler, click here for the A-Z index of my book reviews. authorBuy the book

3 The Romantic Novelists’ Association [UK]
This is the Association’s blog, not its official website, and it features interviews with romantic novelists [ie association members], writing advice, book marketing advice, new releases, awards for romantic fiction, and writers writing about writing. authorOne post I found particularly useful is ‘Difficult Second Novels’ by Hazel Gaynor, whose second novel is A Memory of Violets.
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4 Terry Tyler
Another blog rather than a website, but it is packed with information. I like it because she mixes it up so well – book promotion, writing stuff, marketing stuff, self-publishing advice – with wry humour. authorAnd very sage advice about book promotion and getting the best out of Amazon. I particularly love her quick guide to Twitter bios and her demolition of an un-named author requesting 5* reviews on Amazon. author

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5 Stephen King
This website is stuffed with information for all King fans. I was blown away by one item which lists the moves featuring in the Stephen King season on Encore, a US television channel: has any other writer had so many novels and stories filmed?



His body of work is astounding, if you want to be amazed just click on the ‘Library’ tag. If you want to be motivated to write, read On Writing. authorBuy the book

Do you have a favourite author website that I have missed? Please let me know…

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