My new Facebook page

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a new button in the right-hand column. I now have a ‘Sandra Danby Author’ page on Facebook, and I’d love you to click your way over there and like it. filming jane's hand on the gravestone 18-3-14There you will find extra content that doesn’t appear here, including lots more about Ignoring Gravity such as snaps from the filming of the book trailer [above] and author interview, research photos from locations I used when writing the novel, and general snippets as I whirl in the excitement of Britain’s Next Bestseller.

Coming soon on Facebook… two pairs of sisters are at the heart of Ignoring Gravity, so to celebrate sisterhood I will be discussing sisters in writing, in art, in music, in business. Sister power! So if you have any suggestions of successful and influential sisters, please let me know… the more the merrier!

Click here to read the first chapter of Ignoring Gravity.
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