My favourite library… The London Library

Every time I go to The London Library, it feels like an enormous treat. Why? Well for one, it’s a private library and there is a membership fee which I feel I must justify by regular use. But mostly it feels like a treat because it feels like a library should. It is hushed, the bookshelves are full, floor to ceiling.The London Library

It has one million books dating from the 16th century to today. I have my favourite workstation, except it’s just a ledge beside a window looking across the rooftops of St James, where no-one else ever seems to walk by. Sometimes I go to collect a book I have ordered online, sometimes I go to research something specific, sometimes I just go to browse. I always seem to leave with at least one book, whether I planned to or not.

The London Library


‘Possession’ by AS Byatt [UK: Vintage]

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  1. I’m jealous – I economised when I became a student again by cancelling my membership (rationalising that my university card gave me access to a new set of libraries). The minute I start earning again London Library membership is the first thing I’ll buy!