My favourite bookshop…

I cannot resist secondhand bookshops, the book sections of charity shops, book stalls at church bring & buy sales, or the book tables at the Southbank every weekend. any amount of books2 25-4-14Any Amount of Books in Charing Cross Road is one of my favourites dating back to my student days in London. The road of course is famous for its bookshops, thanks to Helene Hanff’s novel 84 Charing X Road. Any Amount of Books is at number 56. Number 84 is no longer a bookshop. any amount of books7 25-4-14any amount of books1 25-4-14any amount of books5 25-4-14any amount of books6 25-4-14And the 1987 film starring Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins tells the love story formed by an exchange of letters between Miss Helene Hanff of New York and Frank Doel of Messrs Marks and Co, seller of rare and secondhand books, at 84 Charing Cross Road. 84 Charing X Road - film poster 11-5-14To watch a scene from the film on You Tube, click here. any amount of books3 25-4-14any amount of books4 25-4-14



  1. This is an awesome bookshop. I stop by whenever I am in London. There is also a nice smaller one in Hammersmith (King Street).