My favourite book blogs – part 2

Part of the pleasure of reading a good book, is identifying the next one. That’s why I love book blogs. A month ago I gave you the names of a few of my favourite book blogs, here’s part 2 of that list. It is a list changing every day as I stumble upon blogs for the first time. If you have a favourite book blog, please let me know. I am always on the lookout for a reason to buy more books! Sunday - feet on sofa 19-5-13Cleopatra Loves Books was one of the first book bloggers to follow my writing blog in its early days. Cleo Bannister’s blog remains a firm favourite. I ALWAYS discover new books I want to read here. Cleo costs me a lot of money!

Since Corri van de Stege retired from a career in education consultancy, all she has done is read and write. The result is her blog 51 Stories, no listing here but a conversational style which draws you in. And she doesn’t ignore the classics or older books, she reviews as a reader reads, choosing the next book she fancies from the pile. No blog tours or cover reveals here, just a gentle meander through the bookshelves. in bed 20-5-13Follow the Thread is all about books by fellow ‘Yorkshireman down South’ David Hebblethwaite. From mainstream novels to award winners, they are all here.

Kevin Loh’s blog I Heart Chick Lit is so easy to find your way around, which is important to me. No matter how great the review is, if I can’t find what I’m looking for quickly I will go elsewhere. Although the title suggests it is 100% chick lit, there is also women’s and general fiction. Saturday - feet on sofa 18-5-13The Fussy Librarian is a new discovery of mine, readers register to receive a daily e-mail about e-books in their chosen areas of interest. Books listed are suitable for Kindle, Smashwords, Nook, iPad and Android platforms. The magic is that you can list sexy crime or gentle crime, spooky horror or gory horror. Choose by genre + content. Very clever.

Kate Loveton is a writer who loves reading, like me. So her blog Odyssey of Novice Writer is a pot-pourri of memoir, writing, book reviews and thoughts on the writing life. She reviews new books, including mine [thanks Kate!], but also old and forgotten favourites. in the bath 20-5-13To read part 1 of ‘My Favourite Book Blogs’, click here.
To find the right book blog for you, try the Independent Book Blogger Awards list at Goodreads, here. There are 780 listed!


  1. I am always in a dilemma here. I love to find new good books to read, and so I read quite a lot of reviews, but I also dream, like every other author, of getting those reviews which push your little effort nearer the spotlight, and I’ve found that pretty hard to do, although I have had some success. Mind you, as an author I can tell you, if you come across a new review, as I did recently, your heart is always in your mouth a little because of the “Will they praise or hate it” worry. Your well-being for the day is always in another’s hands