My favourite bits: The Milk of Female Kindness, an Anthology of Honest Motherhood

The dust has settled now on the anthology of women’s writing about motherhood, The Milk of Female Kindness, which includes two of my stories. Now I’ve had the chance to sit down and read it from cover to cover. My favourite bits? motherhood‘Fresh Eyes’ a poem by anthology editor Kasia James, on seeing life through her child’s eyes.

‘Mama Spider’s Sacrifice’ by Angélique Jamail says everything about the sacrifices a mother makes for her child.

‘Telling Tatiana’ by Tara Chevrestt [below] is a story about three generations of women, dealing with a bad mammogram. motherhood‘An Open Letter to My Son’ by Gemma Wright must have been so difficult to write, a difficult letter about a difficult life. But there are some things a mother cannot fix.

‘My Real Mother’ by Judith Dickerman-Nelson [below] is about her own adoption and life with two mothers, the love involved in giving a baby up for adoption, and that love needed to seek a child to adopt for the rest of your life. motherhoodTo read more haikus by Kasia James, click here for her blog.
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‘The Milk of Female Kindness: an anthology of Honest Motherhood’ [UK: K James] Buy now

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