July Beach Reads – A Special Offer for you #bargain #ebooks

Whether you plan on reading books on the beach, in the garden, or on a comfy sofa this summer, the feeling is the same. Don’t you just love that feeling when you start reading a new book and can’t put it down? Bargain ebooks

So just in time for the summer sun I’ve partnered with a team of authors to offer more than 70 BARGAIN EBOOKS to you. The selection of women’s fiction includes lost love, young love, second chances, mature love, family dramas and wartime romances. Simply click this link and scroll through the novels on offer to find one you like.

Offer ends on July 31, but don’t leave it until the last minute! Here are three I’m tempted by.

Bargain ebooksIn War Girl Ursula by Marion Kummerow is set in Berlin, 1943. Newly-wed Ursula Hermann is a simple woman who wants nothing more than an end to the war and the return of her husband from the Russian front. But the authorities send her to guard a prison for undesirables and political prisoners where the unthinkable happens. A prisoner, Royal Air Force pilot Tom Westlake, escapes and Ursula looks the other way. If her single act of mercy is discovered, her life is forfeit.

Bargain ebooksA Daughter’s a Daughter by Irene Vartanoff is about three generations of women struggling with conflicting needs, desires and opportunities that put them at odds with each other. Widowed Pam Ridgeway wants to mobilize a charity to help laid-off workers after losing her own job in a mass Wall Street meltdown. But creating a new charity will thrust her into the public eye, which she’s always hated, unlike her estranged daughter and intimidating mother. Yielding to their insistence on publicity tactics takes Pam totally out of her comfort zone – until she meets Bruce, her mother’s handsome new neighbour at her Long Island beachfront home. Bruce is sympathetic, easy to talk to, and attracted to Pam. But Bruce has a secret agenda involving her mother and a mystery from the past. A Daughter’s a Daughter is about second chances.

Bargain ebooksIn The Seven Lives of Grace by Elena Shelest, Grace receives a mysterious gift from her aunt just before her 25th birthday, because she is the first born in her generation. There are precious stones that are used for different things like beauty, changing time, giving courage. With seven days to choose her destiny, she starts using one at a time before she finally decides which stone to keep.

Bargain ebooksRemember, the offer closes on July 31… start reading one of these discounted beach reads today. Here’s that link for BARGAIN EBOOKS again.

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