Jane Cable reviews ‘Ignoring Gravity’

“What really sets this novel apart is the author’s descriptive skill.”
Jane Cable [below], author of ‘The Cheesemaker’s House’

Jane Cable

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“By tackling the ever popular themes of adoption and infertility, Sandra Danby’s Ignoring Gravity is mining a rich vein in women’s fiction and is bound to appeal. But her take on these painful subjects is somewhat original and her story has an unexpected twist in the tail.

“Rose Haldane discovers she is adopted when she and her sister Lily are clearing out their mother’s belongings after her death. Rose, a journalist, sets out to discover her natural parents and Danby keeps you turning the pages as Rose’s past gradually unfolds. Meanwhile Lily is forced to come to terms with the fact that her failure to conceive may be more do with her genes than her diet or her uncooperative husband. “What really sets this novel apart is the author’s descriptive skill. As a reader, you are at Rose’s elbow on the floor of her mother’s bedroom; you can taste her grandmother’s homemade cake and feel her tears. There are moments of lightness too, wry smiles created as Danby brings Rose’s frenetic working environment to life and when Lily discovers her husband’s secret.”

Jane Cable


‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press] Buy now
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Jane Cable


‘The Cheesemaker’s House’ by Jane Cable [UK: Matador] Buy now

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