Interview with ‘The Starving Artist’

Authors Devon Trevarrow Flaherty [bottom] and Sandra Danby both appear to be obsessed by trees. Devon Trevarrow FlahertyIn Devon’s interview at The Starving Artist, Sandra explains the role of trees in her debut novel Ignoring Gravity. The cover, the imagery, the researching your family tree thing. “The family tree, the networking of roots and branches, stretching wide, unseen beneath the earth and hidden by leaves, is an ideal image for the twists and turns of Rose Haldane’s heritage,” she explains.

Devon Trevarrow Flaherty

Read Devon’s interview at The Starving Artist in full by clicking here.

Devon Trevarrow Flaherty

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‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press] Buy now

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