I’m looking forward to reading: ‘Sweet Caress’ by William Boyd

I’ve loved William Boyd ever since A Good Man in Africa in 1982, and have the battered paperback to prove it [below]. Why? Because:-boyds on the bookshelf 6-7-15Boyd is one of the best British novelists alive;

I’ve read most of them. Still to read Solo, delayed because I am not a great fan of continuation novels written by not-the-original author;

My favourite novel is Any Human Heart;

The most astonishing read: Brazzaville Beach;

Best novel to start with: I would start at the beginning, but that’s just me. For the ‘fictional autobiographies’ read Any Human Heart; to be shocked, try Brazzaville Beach; if you like thrillers, start with Restless or Ordinary Thunderstorms.

Sweet Caress is different because: it’s the life story of photographer Amory Clay, and includes around 70 photographs chosen from 2000 sourced at auctions, car boot sales and online. It is the fourth of his ‘fictional autobiographies’ which comprise The New Confessions, Nat Tate and Any Human Heart.

[photo: williamboyd.co.uk]

[photo: williamboyd.co.uk]

Visit William Boyd’s website here
William Boyd

‘Sweet Caress’ by William Boyd [UK: Bloomsbury] Buy now


    • sandradan1

      Aah, the anticipation, the scent of new pages, the feeling when you open the page at chapter one 🙂 SD