I’m a team member… this is for my readers

Last week my blog received the ‘Wonderful Team Member Readership Award’ from Karen Oberlaender at My Train of Thoughts. Please visit her blog for book reviews and her thoughts on writing, I particularly like her ‘3 Quotes’ series. wonderful team membe readership award logo 5-4-14This award is given to readers in appreciation of their support, and first of all I’d like to thank Karen for being a loyal commenter and reader here. For once there are no questions to answer… the rules of this award are quite simple.

  1. Should they choose to accept the award, the recipients of the ‘Wonderful Team Member Readership Award’ should display the logo on his/her blog;
  2. The recipient then nominates 14 of their own blog’s readers who they appreciate;
  3. They can post their nominations all at once or little by little over a period of 7 days. They need to link to their awardees’ blogs and notify them that they are WTMRA recipients on their blogs.

Some bloggers I know do not take part in the award scene and of course you do not have to accept this award, but please take accept it as a token of my thanks for your loyal reading over the last year.

I am nominating the first 14 readers who signed up to follow my blog, it was a journey into the unknown and I thank them for their trust. They are:

Gianfrancogrande at Attentiallupo2012
Joe at Write with Warnimont
Shannon at Shannon A Thompson
Valeriu at Valeriudgbarbu
Crozell25 at Live Life Love Bacon
David Allen at Allen Fiction
Sham Jeff at Beautiful Absurdity
Charlie and Tom at Photo Botos
Kate Sutton at As Pleased as Punch
Cheryl at Cheryl Moore
Charlotte at Charlotte Carrendar
Jason at Opinionated Man
Nicholas at Nicholas Jae
Bibi at Madame Bibilophile Recommends

Please visit their blogs!


  1. You really deserve this award, Sandra! 🙂
    If you are interested in being featured in my ’10 Statements’ series, please let me know.
    The ‘3 Quotes’ series will be continued later in the day.


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