‘Ignoring Gravity’… who is Rose?

ROSE HALDANE rose 9-9-13“There were hundreds of varieties of rose and some days Rose certainly didn’t feel like she merited the association, though she preferred the name to Rosemary. “I’m a flower, not a herb,” had been her standard retort as a child. Sam called her every derivative, every bastardisation, including Roz, Rosa and once even Rosalind, Shakespeare’s heroine. This insulted Rose the most, she preferred Beatrice’s wit. ‘Rosalind’, she’d written in a sixth form essay, ‘was rather wet.’ Her teacher had scrawled across the bottom in green ink: Subjective. Prove it. Facts not assumption.”

Coming soon…
‘IGNORING GRAVITY’ #1 – the first instalment of Rose Haldane’s captivating story.



  1. […] I do this too. Back in the days when Ignoring Gravity didn’t have a title, I wrote an Excel sheet with details about Rose’s back story: her birth sign [Virgo], what car she drives [a black Mini with a white roof], her most intense dislikes [people who don’t do what they promise to do; unwashed hair]. Her character traits: she avoids confrontations but will speak up if feels wronged; at work, she puts her head down and gets on with the job; a Guardian reader at work, but secretly reads chick-lit at home. To read more about Rose, click here. […]