IGNORING GRAVITY: next Bestseller?

I am delighted to announce my novel Ignoring Gravity has been signed to take part in the launch of ‘Britain’s Next Bestseller’ on March 28, 2014.thomas a becket - photo david austin roses 27-5-13This is a new publishing imprint where you, the readers, can select which books go into print. If I achieve a minimum pre-order target of 250 sales of Ignoring Gravity, I will be awarded with a publishing contract for book and e-book formats. You will be able to place your pre-order for Ignoring Gravity on a special website to be launched on March 28. Watch out for more details here.

Ignoring Gravity is the story of two pairs of sisters separated by a generation of secrets. Start reading the story of Rose Haldane and her sister Lily from episode one, now, by clicking here. Sadly for those who have been reading the instalments here, you will now to wait for the book to be published before you find out how it ends!

To learn more about Britain’s Next Bestseller, and how you can place your pre-order, click here.


  1. Hi Sandra,
    This is the second time I’m writing this, so if you get the same message twice, you’ll know why.
    I think I may have figured a way out of the dilemma I wrote about on my own blog with regard to your book. If you have a public email, then you and I can communicate. If so, please send me that address and we’ll be able to take care of this pretty quickly.
    BTW, I took a whirl around the Britain’s Next Bestseller site and was very impressed. It’s easy to navigate and looks terrific.
    And again, my best wishes to you on this exciting new venture.
    Shari *: )

    • Hi Shari
      Not sure if you got my earlier message, so here’s my e-mail again.
      The current BNBS website is just a ‘holder’ until the full pre-order site launches on March 28. On that I’ll have my own author page, with interviews, quotes etc and a big order form! SD

  2. Congratulations. I hope you can keep us up to date, as on the link I can only see where Britain’s Next Bestseller would like us to follow them on Facebook or Twitter until the March 2014… I’d love to place a pre-order, and don’t want to miss out.

    • Thx EllaDee, I will keep you informed. You can’t pre-order until March 28 when the website goes live and I will include a link here. I’ll be blogging about the process, tomorrow I start copy-editing. SD