‘Ignoring Gravity’… Mum, Mummy, Mother

ROSE’S MOTHER, DIANA HALDANE diana 9-9-13“Diana’s clothes hung in the wardrobe organised by colour. Rose took the turquoise Liberty-print floral blouse off its hanger, sniffed deeply. It smelled faintly of moth balls. She was surprised at the sudden swell of tears in her eyes. Lily gave her a sympathetic pat on the back.

Rose admired her mother’s strong conviction about what colours suited her and wished she had that discipline: nothing red, brown or orange was given rail space. Three old-fashioned hat boxes balanced on top of a heavy brown suitcase; how typical of their mother to use hat boxes.”
[excerpt from ‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby]

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‘IGNORING GRAVITY’ #1 – the first instalment of Rose Haldane’s captivating story.