‘Ignoring Gravity’ and the oak tree

This is the oak tree on Wimbledon Common which inspired the design of Ignoring Gravity’s front cover. oak tree on Wimbledon Common 23-4-14The tree stands alone on a quiet part of the common, tall and spreading. It must be hundreds of years old, oak trees can live in excess of 1000 years. Its canopy spreads wide and offers shelter from rain and sun. One day, as I sheltered from the rain, I noticed the pleasing effect of leaves against the sky. Next time you look at an oak tree, remember my front cover design!

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  1. I loved the photo of the tree, and then seeing the picture on your book, Very best of luck with it. To be honest, my FB page is crammed with desperate images of my own book so I’ve not much room to share, but I genuinely wish you every success: I know how hard the mountain is to climb