‘Ignoring Gravity’ and other writings

I’m now re-drafting Connectedness, part two in the ‘Rose Haldane: Identity Detective’ series, with publication scheduled for late 2016. This is the story of Justine Tree who as an art student gives up her baby for adoption. Almost 30 years later, she asks Rose to find her lost daughter. I’m in the middle of fact-checking the manuscript and my next task is to re-visit Malaga, Spain, where Justine was at art college. I need to check details of locations including Plaza de la Merced, where Justine lives… Ignoring Gravity… the Cathedral, where she sells her paintings to tourists…

Ignoring Gravity

[photo: Wikipedia]

She lives in an apartment in a building like this… Ignoring GravityShe finds Malaga an inspiring place, particularly the influence of the Moors on architecture. She loves the colours, the shapes and derivation of pattern and the texture and use of materials such as brick and tile.

But Malaga is also the place where her life takes an unexpected turn… love, poverty, pregnancy. What happens in Malaga influences her life in ways she can never predict. To make sure you don’t miss the publication of Connectedness, sign-up for my newsletter here for advance information. And don’t forget to read Ignoring Gravity first!

Sandra Danby


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