He stood with his nose pressed to the window, his breath misting the glass, watching her disappear.

“Can you sign these?”

Wollerton Old Hall [photo: David Austin Roses]

Wollerton Old Hall [photo: David Austin Roses]

Amanda’s words made him jump. She had entered his office silently and was standing close behind him. Too close. Sometimes he suspected her of creeping. He took the folder and signed the documents with the speed of someone who has signed millions of papers.

He waited until the door closed, then went to the window again. She’d gone. What was it about her that drew him to her? She was a journalist, a type he avoided on principle, but… there was a vulnerability beneath the efficiency which attracted him. And her eyes, blue almost… aquamarine.

A knock at the door and he jumped again, startled from his reverie by a line of people filing into his office. The finance team. Within moments he was absorbed in packaging costs, and forgot all about Rose Haldane.
© Sandra Danby

…in IGNORING GRAVITY #7: how Rose is still striving to write a feature worth 10/10.

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