If books were food, Bridget Jones’s Diary…

…would be a mid-morning snack of carrot cake with a Diet Coke. Because Bridget Jones carefully controls her calorie intake.

Bridget Jones

[photo: reallynicerecipes.com]

Carrot cake for the carrots, of course, a very important part of her five-a-day vegetable regime which will make her healthy and slim with glowing skin and bright shiny eyes.

Bridget Jones

Helen Fielding [photo: Alisa Connan]

Diet Coke because she needs a drink, with the cake, obvs, and the fact that it’s Diet means it’s a negative calorie so making space in her daily calorie count for the cakey bit. Which means the mid-morning snack costs no calories.

Bridget Jones


‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ by Helen Fielding [UK: Picador]

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