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Tracy Chevalier “For me, a good painting arrests you and demands something from you. It draws you in, but does not answer your questions. It’s as if this painting is stuck on the penultimate chord of a song, and it’s up to you to figure out how the song will end. In the process of trying to work a piece out, I get lost in it and forget myself, which is when inspiration comes. Some people achieve this state of mind by walking in nature, or listening to music. But for me it’s by looking between the brush strokes.”
[Tracy Chevalier, excerpt from ‘Tate Unveiled’ in The Sunday Times Magazine November 10, 2013]

Tracy Chevalier

[photo: David Rose for The Telegraph]

Chevalier is describing her connection with ‘Coming from Evening Church’ by Samuel Palmer [below], at Tate Britain. Anyone who has read Chevalier’s best-known book, Girl with a Pearl Earring, or seen the film, will understand where she is coming from here. It underlines again the links between art and writing, and the common strands of inspiration which link all forms of creativity together. Chevalier says she doesn’t walk around art galleries actively seeking inspiration, rather she waits for something to spring out at her. Tracy ChevalierI know what she means: better the idea that is given time to develop, opening slowly like the bud of a flower. The colours of out-of-season flowers forced in a hot house always have a fake look to me.

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Tracy Chevalier


‘The Last Runaway’ by Tracy Chevalier [UK: Borough Press]

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