I agree with… SJ Watson

SJ Watson “Write every day even if it’s rubbish. Bad writing can be improved, but a blank page will always be a blank page.”
[interview with Grazia magazine, November 2011]SJ Watson

This is advice to new writers from Steve Watson, author of the sleeper hit Before I Go To Sleep. He is quite right. Nothing is whiter and more empty than a blank page staring at you. The only way to make it not-white, is to put some words on it. So many people say to me ‘I have an idea for a book.’ The difference is, I’m writing mine. Are you? Before I Go to Sleep is now a film with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth.

SJ Watson

If you agree with SJ Watson, perhaps you will agree with:-
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Deborah McKinlaythe lean years focussed me on what I really wanted

SJ Watson


‘Before I Go To Sleep’ by SJ Watson [UK: Black Swan]

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