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Lizzie Enfield “Just in case I was sounding a bit too sanctimonious and forgiving, I had to include Fay Weldon’s gloriously imagined tale of revenge and retribution, ‘The Life and Loves of a She-Devil’. Not least as it indulges just about every fantasy every wronged, put upon or simply a bit fed up woman has ever had; from forcing your husband to look after the children 24-7 to using someone who used you in a spectacularly inventive way.”
[Lizzie Enfield, in an interview with ‘We Love This Book’ about revenge novels]

Lizzie Enfield

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Oh this took me back years, to first reading this book and how daring it was. And secondly remembering the TV series [below] which followed in 1986. Lizzie EnfieldLizzie Enfield says it all, if you haven’t read the book go and order/buy it now!

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Click here to watch on You Tube an excerpt from Episode 1 of The Life and Loves of a She-Devil. Other excerpts are also available.

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Lizzie Enfield


‘Living with It’ by Lizzie Enfield [Myriad Editions]

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