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Lauren Owen “I think family relationships are very interesting; the idea of what you tell the people who are closest to you and what you don’t tell them – or what you’re able to tell them. And whether or not being able to tell them everything about yourself means that your love for your family is not complete.”
[in an interview with ‘The Bookseller’ magazine, February 7, 2014] 

Lauren Owen

[photo: Urszula Soltys]

The Quick is Lauren Owen’s first novel, a gothic tale about brother and sister James and Charlotte who grow up in a huge old house in Yorkshire. Owen is driven by this family dynamic, and I agree with her that all families are fascinating: who can know what really goes on in a family except the people involved? How well does your brother really know you, or you him? What is he not telling you, what is he hiding from you? When James stops communicating, Charlotte sets off for London to find him.

It’s the same in my novel Ignoring Gravity. It never occurred to Rose that there were secrets in her family, that her parents would not tell her the truth. Click here to read more about Rose.

Lauren Owen


‘The Quick’ by Lauren Owen [UK: Jonathan Cape]

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  1. I thought both your review , and the novel you write about are very interesting, and the subject is fascinating. Like you, and him to an extent, I am a ‘just become a novelist’ as my book was published this last Saturday. It’s certainly a nerve-wracking time, and I wish you both every success.

    • My review is coming soon, reading another fascinating book now, though v different. The Aftermath by Rhidian Brook. It’s excellent. SD