I agree with Hanif Kureishi…

Hanif Kureishi says, “Writing is an art, but it is also a business. I’m trying to be an artist but I’ve also got to send my kids to school. The writing schools often teach about just being an artist, but that’s not the half of it; that conversation about being a brand is what is happening, that’s what it has become.”
[Interview with The Bookseller magazine, December 6, 2013]

Hanif Kureishi

[photo: Murdo Macleod for The Guardian]

So, the writer as a brand. Kureishi is referring to a quote from one of the characters in The Last Word: “Brand, did you say… Would I really have to become like Heinz ketchup or a Mont Blanc pen?”

It certainly does feel that authors these days have to do so much more than simply write a novel. You have to be an ace at social media [unless you are Jonathan Franzen], public speaking, self-promotion, review books, write short stories and essays, and teach. The days of ‘the writer alone in his garret’ are over. Now we must all put ourselves out there in the world.

Hanif Kureishi


‘The Last Word’ by Hanif Kureishi [UK: Faber]

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    • Yes, I know. There’s more to fit into our writing day these days. But I love the sense of community I get from blogging, with people I would never have met otherwise. SD