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Deborah McKinlay “I can say now that the lean years focussed me on what I really wanted – in that nothing-to-lose way that is often motivating. But I am in no rush to repeat them. I hope, if you’re still battling through, that you find yourself with a packet of smoked salmon in your grocery basket when you least expect it. I did.” 

[in an interview with ‘We Love This Book’, March 12, 2014]

Deborah McKinlay

[photo: orionbooks.co.uk]

McKinlay [above], a published non-fiction author and journalist, wrote a novel The View from Here. After a struggle to find an agent in London, she sold it herself to a small New York publisher. Struggling for grocery money, she continued to write. Now describing herself as “not only mid-career; I am also mid-life – too old for a girly agent pal,” she returned to the agent trail in New York, feeling the American characters in her new novel That Part Was True would be more attractive to a US agent. She found one, who promptly sold the novel back to the UK where it is published by Orion.

So, a circular trail. I took two lessons from Deborah’s experience:- don’t give up, and be true to yourself.

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Deborah McKinlay


‘That Part Was True’ by Deborah McKinlay [UK: Orion]

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  1. Seems like you get what you aren’t looking for…and it’s always what’s right. I’m not familiar with this author, thanks for the intro!