How to get ahead: Nicky Kinnaird

Nicky Kinnaird “Passion and focus go a long way to making something happen. It’s astounding just how often something you wish for and work determinedly towards comes into fruition. The most important thing I’ve learned on my way up the ladder? No doesn’t necessarily mean no. Develop a compelling argument as to why someone should say yes.”
[Nicky Kinnaird, quote from ‘Grazia’ magazine January 18, 2010]

Nicky Kinnaird


Kinnaird, founder of the Space NK chain of beauty shops, doesn’t mention determination here. Call it what you like: determination, stubbornness, focus… it involves hard work and persistence. Whether you are selling beauty products, or writing a novel.

Kinnaird, in keeping with her own advice, focused on what she wanted to do next. She left the company she founded in July 2014 to set up a new consultancy.

What’s the best advice about writing you’ve ever been given?

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