How George Saunders writes

George Saunders “My room is flooded with family photos, there’s a desk, a printer and two guitars that I play when I’m stuck in a paragraph. I work with an obsessive quality, but I’m wary of the blandness that routine creates and my best work is only summoned by irregular habits. Part of me wants to go through life on autopilot. I have to lure out the crazy person in me who’s honest and intense.”
[an interview with ‘The Sunday Times Magazine’ April 1, 2018] 

George Saunders

[photo: Dennis Nett]

The idea of stopping to play the guitar, to free the moment, to throw off predictability, really appeals to me. I don’t have a guitar but I do have a Yamaha keyboard in my study [below], its daily presence reminding me of my adult vow to rekindle my childhood piano playing. George Saunders Later in the same interview, Saunders says: “I do a lot of semi-physical things to break up the day, like service the hot tub or record a riff on the guitar to restore my writing focus.” This made me laugh out loud. I achieve the same effect with a trip to the supermarket, loading the washing machine or going to yoga. But when I stopped chuckling, I was more honest with myself. I know that a walk with restore energy to my drooping eyelids, that the fresh air will invigorate my brain… but how often do I do it? Not often. Which is stupid of me. That is my lowest time of day. Ideas do come to me when walking. So that’s where I’m going now. It’s a sunny afternoon. Who knows, I might just work out how my identity detective Rose can possibly stumble on that essential clue, the clue that will make my story work.

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George Saunders


‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ by George Saunders [UK: Bloomsbury]

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