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Some books I used when researching adoption reunion:adoption reunion

Adoption, Search & Reunion by David Howe & Julia Feast
A Good Likeness by Paul Arnott
Blue-Eyed Son by Nicky Campbell
Relative Strangers: A history of adoption and a tale of triplets by Hunter Davies
Researching Adoption by Karen Bali
The Adoption Triangle by Julia Tugendhat
The Adoption Reunion Handbook by Liz Trinder and Julia Feast
The Adoption Papers by Jackie Kay
Women in 20th Century Britain by Ina Wewiniger-Bargielowska
I Belong to No One by Gwen Wilson
adoption reunion
GOV.UK How to access birth records in the UK, what to do if you know your birth details, and what to do if you don’t know the circumstances of your birth. Includes a link to the Adoption Contact Register which enables you to find a birth relative or adopted person, or to say you don’t want to be contacted.

GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE To order UK birth certificates online, go to the General Register Office.

ARIEL BRUCE is a Registered Independent Social Worker in the UK who specialises in tracing people affected by adoption. She also helps to trace people who have lost touch as a result of emigration, divorce or other family separations. Ariel Bruce conducts searches in Britain and all over the world and has successfully traced missing family members for over 20 years.

BAAF [The British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering] supplies advice and information on adoption and care issues. Their publication “Where to find Adoption Records” is very useful.

ELECTORAL REGISTER If trying to trace someone for whom you have a name, the UK Electoral Registers are a useful source of name and address. Check with your local county council.

AFTER ADOPTION  is a UK independent adoption support organisation. Its website has useful links and adoption information. ActionLine is a free telephone helpline on 0800 0 568 578. It is confidential and available for anyone whose life has been affected by adoption – adopted people, birth relatives and adoptive families.

ADOPTION UK  UK charity for people affected by adoption, 10,000 members. Providing support, awareness and understanding. Promotes the value of adoption, not so much about adoption reunion.

THE SALVATION ARMY  Helps to reunite families through its Family Tracing Service. Telephone 0845 634 4747 or go online and complete an online request for a Family Tracing Service Application Form. Specialises in locating long lost relatives, including emigrant families.

ADOPTION SEARCH REUNION  This website, run by BAAF, is a useful starting place in the search for UK birth or adopted relatives.

FORMER CHILDREN’S HOMES  This website is a valuable resource for information about UK children’s cottage homes, former orphanages and other institutions for children plus details of US orphanages and child migration. Information from children’s home registers is going online now.

PEOPLETRACER  Checks +300 million online records for named people. Resources include UK Electoral Registers for 2002-2014, births deaths and marriages, and online Telephone Directory.

ADOPTION SERVICES FOR ADULTS  UK registered social worker Jean Milsted specialises in helping adults affected by adoption. As well as searching, tracing and intermediary services, ASA also offers workshops for adults affected by adoption [adopted people, birth relatives and adoptive family members]. Understanding different perspectives in adoption search and reunion, wanting to know or not, preparing for reunion.

RESOURCES FOR MILITARY FAMILIES FindMyPast has a staggering 3.6 million records from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain and the United States in its military archive.

HOW TO TRAVEL TO FIND YOUR ROOTS More and more people researching their family trees, now take trips abroad. As well as travel advice, the Fat Tire Tours website has some useful advice on how to plan your trip plus links for foreign archives.

GENEALOGY AND THE LAW Just Great Lawyers has a great explanation of legal vocabulary you might encounter in US official documents, at archives and libraries.

BILLIONGRAVES Cemetery and headstone records, useful for finding other family members. Worldwide GPS cemetery data.

A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO BUILDING A FAMILY TREE ONLINE A great place to start, step-by-step advice from Retail Me Not.

US MILITARY INDEXES In-depth American war records including the Korean War, WW1 and WW2, the Spanish American War, and the Civil war.

A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO GENEALOGY IN THE USA How to use the internet for research at Vodien, including regional links for family history researchers in the USA plus helpful guidance on how to start searching.

This information is for guidance only and is mostly UK-based. All websites featured include further useful links, so please explore. Sandra Danby does not offer adoption advice or genealogical services.