Great opening paragraph 57… ‘The Philosopher’s Pupil’ #amwriting #FirstPara

Iris Murdoch“A few minutes before his brainstorm, or whatever it was, took place, George McCaffrey was having a quarrel with his wife. It was eleven o’clock on a rainy March evening. They had been visiting George’s mother. Now George was driving along the quayside, taking the short-cut along the canal past the iron foot-bridge. It was raining hard. The malignant rain rattled on the car like shot. Propelled in oblique flurries, it assaulted the windscreen, obliterating in a second the frenetic strivings of the windscreen wipers. Little demonic faces composed of racing raindrops appeared and vanished. The intermittent yellow light of the street lamps, illuminating the grey atoms of the storm, fractured in sudden stars upon the rain-swarmed glass. Bumping on cobbles the car hummed and drummed.”
‘The Philosopher’s Pupil’ by Iris Murdoch


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  1. Though she seems to have fallen out of fashion with many critics, Iris Murdoch has always been a great favourite of mine and always will be. That’s one of the problems with writing; its critics, and even some of its greatest practitioners, often become slaves to current modes.