Great opening paragraph 52… ‘Astonishing Splashes of Colour’ #amwriting #FirstPara

Clare Morrall “At 3.15 every weekday afternoon, I become anonymous in a crowd of parents and child-minders congregating outside the school gates. To me, waiting for children to come out of school is a quintessential act of motherhood. I see the mums – and the occasional dads – as yellow people. Yellow as the sun, a daffodil, the submarine. But why do we teach children to paint the sun yellow? It’s a deception. The sun is white-hot, brilliant, impossible to see with the naked eye, so why do we confuse brightness with yellow?”
‘Astonishing Splashes of Colour’ by Clare Morrall

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  1. Interesting for me to read this Sandra as Clare Morrall edited the anthology which is, so far, my one publication! But I haven’t actually read any of her books, I think perhaps I should…