Getting the best out of Twitter

I was pretty slow at joining Twitter, couldn’t understand how it could inform my writing, didn’t see the application to my life as a writer. Then the need to promote Ignoring Gravity changed all that and now I am a big fan. Not, it has to be said, tweeting about the minutiae of life but I think I am now a tweeter and a reader of tweets. Rayne HallThings I like about Twitter:-
The ability to connect with other writers, unknown, unpublished, published, famous. The sense that we are all writers, writing every day;

The community of book bloggers and authors, the two-way encouragement, congratulations and support from people who love books;

The # trends which follow the hot topics in writing and the new friends these bring;

Photographs, every tweet should have a photo if at all possible;

Month-long themes such as #bookaday which make me think about the books I love and introduce me to writers, readers and book people. Rayne HallThings I don’t like about Twitter:-
The ‘I’ve followed you so you must follow me’ thing;

The ‘I’ve just eaten a bowl of cornflakes’ tweet;

The ‘Please buy my book for 99¢ on Amazon’ tweet;

Bad punctuation and spelling. There’s no excuse – write a tweet as if you are writing a headline and check it before pressing ‘tweet’. Rayne HallTweeters I follow:-
Peanuts, because it was a dark and stormy night…
Author Matt Haig, because he is funny on the subject of writing
Author Sebastian Faulks, because he likes art
Buzz Yorkshire, because I’m from Yorkshire and they have great photos… of Yorkshire
MC Beaton, Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death is on TV at Christmas
Ancestry UK, useful stuff about family history research
The Woodland Trust, because I like trees
Indie author Terry Tyler, for telling it as it is
Yorkshire Tea, because I drink it every day
Crime writer Matthew Arlidge, I’m waiting for the next Helen Grace novel
After Adoption, for anyone whose life has been affected by adoption – adopted people, birth relatives and adoptive families
Irish novelist John Boyne, because his books are great

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Rayne Hall


When I was new to Twitter I found this book really helpful. Follow Rayne Hall at Twitter

‘Twitter for Writers’ by Rayne Hall [UK: R Hall] Buy now

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  1. Thanks for the tips and the book recommendation Sandra – I’m still just ‘dabbling’ in Twitter. I see Ignoring Gravity has been published while I was off on a self-enforced blog holiday – congratulations 🙂

    • sandradan1

      Hi Andrea, Yes, ‘Ignoring Gravity’ is published and I can now concentrate on the next one. Having a break at the moment though… Happy New Year! SD