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No writer sits down at the computer and is automatically ready to write. We all need a little help. We have our routines… coffee, tea, Twitter, many things which do not actually involve writing. But do you want to start writing earlier in your day and, perhaps, write more?

Writing prompts by Writers’ BLOCKbusters are designed to help ease the beginning of the writing day. Intended to be used in the same way you warm-up stiff muscles before doing serious exercise, Writers’ BLOCKbusters are flexible and adaptable.  Designed for writers of fiction, novels, short stories, flash fiction, they are suitable for all genres of fiction precisely because each exercise is based on a subject unrelated to whatever you are struggling with. writing promptsAre you ready to start?
Schedule a writing session as often as you can. Ten minutes writing a day is better than zero minutes. If it helps, schedule your writing time into your diary as if it is an appointment. Set the alarm half an hour earlier in the morning, write during your lunch hour, or go to bed half an hour later. Squeeze in ten minutes somewhere, even if you have to give up something else.

Now, adopt these four steps:-
Stop thinking about not writing;
Stop worrying about how little time you have;
Stop worrying about what you are going to write;
Empty your mind.

Now, choose one of the following links, choose a prompt and start writing

20 free #WordStorms – word associations playing with the sub-conscious, can be used as a starter before continuing to a #FirstPara or #FlashPIC
20 free #FirstParas – a first paragraph to continue writing, take the story in the direction you choose
20 free #FlashPICS – photographs to jolt your brain into action, from everyday familiar objects and situations, to glamorous locations
writing prompts

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