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Above my desk I have a large whiteboard, stuck to it with Blu-Tak is an assortment of photos, postcards and magazine clippings. Some are faces of people I have adopted as one of my characters, others are of a place or a specific time – music, fashions such as Twiggy, cars, shopping – some are faces of adoptees. Now I also collect all these visual references on Pinterest. You can see my Pinterest board for Ignoring Gravity hereTwiggy

The board for Connectedness will go online later this year.

‘Ignoring Gravity’ by Sandra Danby [UK: Beulah Press]

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Using Pinterest as a visual resource when #writing via @SandraDanby


    • sandradan1

      I didn’t really get it until I tried! Now I find it both a great resource for doing early research, and also later as a ‘visual thinking place’ for my books. The board for my next book, ‘Connectedness’, will have loads about art, Malaga and Yorkshire! SD