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A plastic bag is blown along a pavement by the breeze. Use this moody scene as your trigger to start writing today. An inanimate object like this is a useful tool to use in a short story or novel. This is a writing prompt from the Writers’ BLOCKbusters series. writing prompt
This plastic bag can:-
Illustrate a particular theme. For example, perhaps your character is a rolling stone, always drifting, never settling in one place. Or your theme could be climate change;
Reinforce a character trait. Perhaps you want to hint to the reader that a character is transparent, flimsy, without foundation. Or if your bag is paper, perhaps they are vulnerable, easily damaged and never repaired. You get the idea;
Be a linking device to introduce two characters to each other. Imagine watching a film where a lonely man drops a plastic bag which is picked up by the wind. He runs to pick it up and put it in the rubbish bin, and collides with a woman who is part of a charitable litter collection scheme. If it helps, visualise this scene as if you are watching it on television;
Demonstrate atmosphere. Perhaps your scene is described in black and white. The wind is rising, a storm is approaching. Perhaps the storm is emotional for your characters, as well as a weather feature. Much better to show a stormy windy scene to parallel your character’s inner turmoil, rather than to say ‘he was upset’. Readers like to look for sub-text, the meaning beneath the sentences.
Choose which of these tools works for your #WIP and start writing.
© ‘Writers’ BLOCKbusters’ by Sandra Danby

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What are ‘Writers’ BLOCKbusters’?
#FlashPICSI want to help you put words on the page. Those words won’t necessarily be the first line of your novel, or indeed anything to do with your novel, but they will be words to fill that intimidating blank space. And it couldn’t be quicker. Writers’ BLOCKbusters is a collection of three ebooks of writing prompts. Why are they different? Precisely because they are short, easy to use, and flexible. Designed for writers of fiction, any genre, novels, short stories, flash fiction, they are suitable for all genre of fiction precisely because each exercise is based on a subject unrelated to whatever you are struggling with. I am not looking over your shoulder.
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