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This is a photograph of a laburnum tree and it is going to inspire you to write a scary story today. This is a writing prompt from the Writers’ BLOCKbuster series. Try this picture to kickstart a short story or a flash fiction exercise about fear.

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[photo: Sandra Danby]

First, seven facts about the laburnum tree:-
The common nickname for the laburnum tree is the ‘golden chain’ or ‘golden shower’ tree.
All parts of it are poisonous.
The yellow flowers are pea-shaped, resembling but unrelated to the pea family.
The fruit develops as a pod that is extremely poisonous.
The wood is highly prized for making musical instruments.
The heartwood of the laburnum is hard, chocolate brown-coloured, and often used as a substitute for ebony or rosewood.
The outer, or sapwood, is a pale butter-yellow shade.

Now consider each of these facts in turn, and write one paragraph about each in a fictional setting. Consider how each fact could be threatening.

Review your paragraphs and look for links between them. Discard any that don’t fit.

Now turn your remaining paragraphs into a flash fiction story including one of the following:-
A poisoning;
A miraculous healing;
An unexpected musical triumph;
A piece of furniture made from laburnum wood with unusual powers.

Now start writing.
© ‘Writers’ BLOCKbusters’ by Sandra Danby

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