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Imagine being an alien, a foreigner in a strange land. Forget what you know. Open your mind to the new. This is a writing prompt from the Writers’ BLOCKbuster series, designed for all writers of fiction, novels, short stories and flash fiction. Try this picture to kickstart an exercise about observation.


[photo: Sandra Danby]

Study this photograph and consider where you are standing. Survey your surroundings. Smell the air. Listen. Compare your observations with your own world.

Write one paragraph describing your own world for each of the following. Temperature. Climate. Surroundings. Scents. Seasons. Sounds.

Repeat this exercise for where you stand now on this footpath.

Now choose three details from the photograph and describe them in the language of a person from your alien world. Consider their purpose in this world. For example, consider the loose green shapes at your feet. How are they different from the small pale shapes beside them? And why is one part of the footpath darker than the other? Are you seeing in colour, or black and white?

Now you have built a small world for this alien footpath, consider turning it into a flash fiction story. For that, you need action. Choose one of these three actions:-

A bell rings, a tall creature on a moving frame rushes past you making the green and pale things rise from the floor and flutter back down in spirals.

Overhead is a roaring noise. An object passes above your head, glinting silver in the light. It flies though the blue then disappears. All that remains is a pattern of white lines.

An excited noise approaches you from behind. Two small creatures approach, passing one on either side of you. They stop, and hold something towards you.

Now start writing.
© ‘Writers’ BLOCKbusters’ by Sandra Danby

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