#FlashPIC 29 At This Mark on the Pavement #writingprompt #amwriting

It began here… at this mark on the pavement. Where the grey pavement meets the brown pavement, just inches from the kerb. It was here that… what? Here is a writing tip from the Writers’ BLOCKbusterseries. Try this picture to kickstart a flash fiction story or a confrontation in your novel.


[photo: Sandra Danby]

First, set the scene. Imagine the street, is it quiet or full of traffic. Is the pavement packed with pedestrians, or is this a side street, secluded, isolated. Have you walked here before? Are you rushing, hurrying to get to a destination? Are you lost? Are you wandering, filling in time before a dentist appointment? Did you take a short cut which led somewhere you didn’t expect?

What is the time of day, the month, the season? Is it sunny or raining? What is the loudest noise you can hear, and how does this make you feel? What can you smell… diesel fumes, the heady perfume of jasmine from a nearby plant, a waft of Obsession from a passing girl? What colour fills your vision… blue sky, a passing red bus, red brick buildings, grey and glass office blocks, a circle of green in the centre of a roundabout.

Now put yourself, or your character, into this place and make them come face-to-face with someone a) they don’t know but who are instantly intimidated by; b) someone they fear; c) someone they have betrayed and have been avoiding; d) someone they love and feel shy with; e) a policeman who is chasing you for a crime you committed/didn’t commit; f) someone who is behaving oddly and you fear may be randomly violent.

What happens next?
© ‘Writers’ BLOCKbusters’ by Sandra Danby

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