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Plotting is often the nuts and bolts part of writing a novel which a writer may be tempted to ‘allow to sort itself out’. But without plot, the reader will not want to turn the page. There are two key questions which keep the reader reading: Suspense [where the answer lies in the future], and Mystery [looking backwards into the past for the answer]. As part of the Writers’ BLOCKbusters series, here is a FlashPIC prompt to kickstart your plotting for a novel, short story or flash fiction story.


[photo: Sandra Danby]

This is the fixing of an industrial cable, a common type used in construction of a biggest buildings. It carries a heavy load. It is designed by engineers, specified by architects and installed by construction workers. As a plot device, the cable can supply the reason for a crucial turning point in the storyline.

Imagine a setting which features a construction project or a famous building. Add characters [maximum three].

Assume that the cable in the photograph is faulty.

Work out a plot in which the faulty cable causes something to happen.

Now write your plot in no more than five bullet points. For example, here’s a rather simple idea: Architect designs award-winning building – City Hall approves the plans – Celebrity construction giant wins the contract but under-specifies the materials to make more money – Opening night party for 500 guests – Building falls down – Construction CEO and architect accused of manslaughter and fraud.

Write your own plotline or use mine. Next, flesh out each bullet point.

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