#Flashfortnight… image rights

Ether swirl


The #Flashfortnight competition by Ether Books is a two-part affair: the first week involved writing the seven stories, this week the emphasis is on promotion. Each story has a dedicated promotional image directly related to it, you can see them here.



From top to bottom:

[© Millisenta/ Dreamstime.com]

[© Millisenta/ Dreamstime.com]

Beginnings… a beautiful tiara brings bad luck [above]

Revenge - binoculars 21-8-13Revenge… June’s weapons are a sandwich + binoculars [above]

Celebration - sewing basket 11-9-13

Celebration… the end of a friendship [above]

Movies - dvds 20-11-14Movies… step into a black cab and a world of movies [above]

Sandra Danby - Home

Home… Joey is more like pigeon Darth than he realizes [above]

Space - the moon

Space… Why is John’s mother singing ‘Space Oddity’? [above]

endings - railway tracks

Endings… the final 60 minutes, the Golden Hour [above]

Copyright for all photographs: Sandra Danby [except Beginnings:  Millisenta | Dreamstime.com]