Family history: surname research

Do you know anyone with the same surname as you? I have only ever met one other Danby, so I was curious to explore the roots of my name. As an experiment, search on Google for your surname. I did, and these were the top five entries:-

The Wikipedia entry for Danby, a village in North Yorkshire, 44 miles from where I grew up.


[photo: wikipedia]‘s tourist guide to the village of Danby
Plumbing and heating engineer, B Danbys. Based in Hull, 38 miles from where I grew up.



The Duke of Wellington pub in the village of Danby, North Yorkshire
Local community website Esk Valley, where the village of Danby is located on the North Yorkshire Moors.

So, my surname is anchored in Yorkshire. This is a light-hearted search, my next stage is to investigate the surname resources online.

If you want to research your surname, click on these links here:-
The Surname Society
The Guild of One-Name Studies
The Internet Surname Database
Select Surname List
Great Britain Family Names Profiling website

Just out of curiosity, I Googled Rose’s surname – Haldane- from Ignoring Gravity. Here are the top three entries of almost 2.9million results:-
Architectural joinery company Haldane UK.
The Wikipedia entry for JBS Haldane, a British naturalised Indian scientist
And another Wikipedia entry, for Richard Haldane, 1st Viscount Haldane.


[photo: wikipedia]


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