Did you know, Adriana Lisboa…

Why does Brazilian author Adriana Lisboa sit on a pilates ball at her desk, rather than an office chair?

Adriana Lisboa

[photo: Carlos Luz for adrianalisboa.com]

In an interview with Independent Radar magazine, she says “I work at a mirrored desk bought at a thrift store, my chair is a pilates ball.”

Read my review of Crow Blue by Lisboa, the rising star of Brazilian literature.

Adriana Lisboa

[photo: natural-health-and-home-business.com]

Adriana Lisboa


‘Crow Blue’ by Adriana Lisboa [UK: Bloomsbury Circus] Buy now

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  1. I had back problems for a while at work, and one colleague had one of those neat ‘chairs’ where you basically kneel on them. She lent it to me as she didn’t need it any more, it was pretty good. I tend to type in appalling ergonomic positions but I don’t have a bad back! I loathe office chairs with a passion. Her book sounded quite interesting from your review.