Devon Trevarrow Flaherty and Kickstarter

American author Devon Trevarrow Flaherty [below] is not sitting around thinking about getting her next books into print. She’s doing something about it by running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish her next three books. Authors are increasingly using crowdfunding as a new route to a published book, so this is a new route to market being carefully watched by the publishing industry. Devon Trevarrow FlahertyThe deadline to contribute to Devon’s Kickstarter campaign [below] is November 5. As well as knowing they are supporting an author, each supporter will receive a benefit depending on the amount pledged. For example, a pledge of $25 equals a free e-book. A pledge of $5,000 equals an air hug, plus a character named after you and the three e-books. The minimum pledge is $1. Devon Trevarrow FlahertyThe Night of One Hundred Thieves, the first of the three books, is ready to print as soon as the target is hit. This slim novel is based on the Northwyth legends found in Benevolent, Flaherty’s first novel. How can 35 thieves all steal the same ring? And who will be the last thief standing? Buy nowDevon Trevarrow FlahertyThe second title, The Journey of Clement Fancywater, is a fantasy novel, a down-the-hole magical journey full of strange creatures, stranger plants, and Subterreans that will haunt your dreams.

The third book is described by Flaherty as the most literary novel of the three. The Family Elephant’s Jewels was written over a number of years. Gemma, mother of seven, dies unexpectedly and each of her children discovers a different secret about her life. How could they not have known? Who was this woman?

To visit Flaherty’s Kickstarter page, click here.
To read more about Devon Trevarrow Flaherty, click here for her blog ‘The Starving Artist’.

Devon Trevarrow Flaherty


‘Benevolent’ by Devon Trevarrow Flaherty [UK: Owl & Zebra Press] Buy now

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  1. This interested me because, apart from admiring her “get up and go” I was wondering how much it cost to self-publish a book, and what the chances of recovering the cost of that through royalties were. I am a published author, so I have no start-up costs, but I receive a smaller royalty. I wonder which one is most rewarding financially, but really have no idea

    • For me, the cost to self publish professionally is around $3000 a book (which includes some marketing and contests, etc, as well as the copyright and ISBNs, etc). The rest of the cost for the campaign is fees and taxes and gifts. And making money either way just depends on how many people buy it (obviously), but what I mean is, getting the book out there is usually up to the author, either way. The rest is perspiration and luck.

      I actually will be blogging about this very topic later this week. Check it out at the Starving Artist blog,