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I agree with… Freya North

Freya North “If you are frightened of it [social media], it will swallow you up and hold you back… I love Facebook and Twitter – it’s a great way to connect with readers.” [In an interview with ‘The Bookseller’ magazine] Freya North’s top five books have sold as follows:- Secrets 220,655 Love Rules 197,575 Home Truths 168,577 Chloe 135,282 Pillow Talk 135,042 [figures from The Bookseller magazine April 25, 2014] Those astounding sales figures make me a) green with envy, and b) think she must be doing something right. She seems to be a thoroughly modern author, published traditionally by HarperCollins – The Way Back Home is her 13th novel – but she interacts with her readers directly using social media. She does not expect her publisher to do all the promotion. I agree. I wish I wrote in the days when the author’s sole job was to write the book. I wish I could stay in my study, concentrate on writing: what luxury. But I want people to read my book. So it’s time for a reality check: the world of publishing does not work like that any more. It is not just self-published authors who need to publicise
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Why I filmed two author interviews

It wasn’t the plan to film two interviews about Ignoring Gravity, the idea of doing it once was intimidating enough. But the weather did not play along with our plans. The plan was, film the book trailer in the morning and the interview in the afternoon. I had planned the interview questions:- What is Ignoring Gravity about? Where did the idea come from? Am I Rose? What is it with trees? Why is it called Ignoring Gravity? Five questions doesn’t look like a lot, my earlier draft versions had a lot more. But a few practice sessions recording my Q&A sessions on my camera lasted more than five minutes. Far too long, judging by author interviews I watched on You Tube. My aim was two minutes. The final versions were 2.30 [interior] and 2.35 [exterior]. I didn’t write a script, I simply prepared by deciding the most important things I wanted to say about my book. Marketing manager Nicky Stephen had ear-marked the location for the interview at our first meeting. “I’ve got the perfect location,” she said. And it was perfect: a huge tree in a beautiful garden, with a circular tree seat for me to sit on. Perfect, because
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Choosing music for the book trailer

The one element of making Ignoring Gravity‘s book trailer which I thought would be easy turned out to be the most time-consuming. Music. Simple, I thought, something thoughtful, a modern take on classical. This was just before the Oscars and I read an article in the newspaper about the composer who was nominated for the soundtrack to Gravity, Stephen Price who happens to live a few miles from me. So I looked him up on Linked In which immediately informed me that one of my friends knows Stephen. The wonder of online networking! I’ve nothing to lose, I decided, he might win the Oscar and want to help out a local writer. An e-mail exchange later confirmed my friend doesn’t know Stephen Price after all, but does know Gavin Greenaway, another local conductor/composer who might be able to help. It turned out that Gavin’s non-assigned tracks were too ‘bombastic’ for my needs, but he kindly gave me some sound advice about sourcing music online. He pointed me towards Audio Network where you can license a track from the hundreds available for £95 plus VAT. Another friend recommended Sound Cloud. I spent one weekend listening to tracks on both websites and
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Filming the book trailer

The book trailer for Ignoring Gravity was a real team effort including a beginner [me] and experienced professionals [everyone else]. The team at Nicky Stephen Marketing had pulled together the film specialists. I wrote the script and found Vicki Shearing, the actress whose voice you hear on the film. Vicki was the only team-member not present on filming day, having recorded the script a few days earlier. Rain was forecast at 10am on our chosen cold day in March so we assembled early and prepared to do the outside shots first, shooting out of sequence. In fact, the rain held off until the afternoon so, for the book trailer, we didn’t need Plan B. The author interview was another story, the story of ‘Filming the author interview’ is coming soon: suffice to say we needed Plan A, B and C for that one. So it was a casual start at our chosen location in the pretty Leicestershire village of Hoby. We took our breakfast mugs of tea on a tray to the graveyard of Hoby Church. The first lesson I learned about filming is that in winter the crew operates on hot drink and regular food. Jane Cowan our model arrived
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