Book review: The Ignorance of Blood

Robert WilsonA car accident. Millions of euros. A Russian gangster drinking champagne in the middle of nowhere. The opening scene of this, the fourth in the quartet of books featuring Seville detective Javier Falcón, does not disappoint. The intricate plotting by Robert Wilson is spot-on. I read this book voraciously as Falcón struggles to get to the whole truth, admiring the way the author weaves together the story strands from the preceding three books so that at the end you understand though you did not guess.

I did not get the ending right, I expected something different. There are moments when you wonder if Javier can continue, will he step over to the dark side, will his emotional strength desert him? This is the most international of the four books, with Javier travelling to London and Morocco but Seville retains its hot sultry presence. I can smell the dusty heat of the evening where the detectives seem to exist on coffee and cruelty lays just out of sight.

I’m sorry this is a short review, I can’t write more without giving away the plot. There were moments when I wanted to shout ‘don’t do it’ and others when I thought with sad acceptance ‘yes, that’s the only thing you can do’. At the end, I wanted to start reading the series all over again. Well done Robert Wilson [below]. Robert WilsonTo read my reviews of the preceding three Javier Falcón books, click here:-
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‘The Ignorance of Blood’ by Robert Wilson, #4 Javier Falcón [UK: Harper] Buy now

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  1. This is a great review, Sandra. There’s nothing worse than spoilers. Better be brief and show that you cared instead of counting words. 🙂

  2. Its still an intriguing review and, lets face it, Russian gangsters are a topical subject at the moment. I have not tried to write a thriller but I recognise it takes tremendous skill, and Robert Wilson seems to have pulled that off