Book review: Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage

MC BeatonAgatha Raisin: PR supremo, city lady, now retired to the Cotswolds. Where she reaps havoc as a cross between Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes and Hattie Jacques as Matron in the Carry On films. This is the fifth in the series by MC Beaton, and it is helpful to read them in order because of ongoing story threads.

Agatha is about to get married and she can hardly believe her good luck. And that is the key to what happens next: Agatha’s [unfortunately not] ex-husband turns up, the wedding is off, and the ex is murdered. Agatha, suspected bigamist, is now a suspected murderer too. Plus, her fiancé has done a runner.

So begins another murder hunt in which Agatha stumbles along, putting her foot in it, making mostly wrong but sometimes right assumptions, and generally stirring things up. In the course of which she reviews her first marriage, and her second marriage which never happened: had she really been in love at all?

These are formulaic, fantastic, funny novels that I cannot resist reading.

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‘Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage’ by MC Beaton, AR#5 [UK: Constable] Buy at Amazon

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