Applying the rules of art to writing: cultivate your idiosyncrasies

“Every hand, every eye, every brain comes with its own built-in distortions. These distortions represent your signature, your personal slant on the world. When they manifest themselves in your work, do not be afraid to embrace them as long as they do not represent an impediment to some larger objective or overshadow everything else the image contains.”
Excerpt from ‘101 Things to Learn in Art School’ by Kit White

Be yourself, write with your own voice. Read other authors, but don’t try to copy, go with your own ideas. Don’t be swayed by well-meaning friends who are quick to offer advice on what is or isn’t realistic/attractive/marketable etc. Kit WhiteNo-one told Hemingway [above, in 1939) that he should write more wordy prose. Of if they did, he didn’t listen.
Kit White

‘101 Things to Learn in Art School’ by Kit White [MIT Press] Buy now

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