A writer who inspires me: Judith Kerr

Where do I start? Judith Kerr. You perhaps don’t know her name but you will know her books. Mog the Cat and The Tiger Who Came to Tea are ageless books for children. I don’t write children’s books, so why am I inspired by Judith Kerr? Judith Kerr It’s difficult not to be. Here are some inspiring facts:-

  • Mog.
  • The Tiger.
  • In 1933 when she was nine, she escaped from Berlin with her parents and brother. After moving around Europe, they settled in London in 1936. Her father was a writer and drama critic whose books were burned by the Nazis. Judith continued drawing throughout the whole experience.
  • She’s 91 and still drawing and writing.
  • She has written countless books for children, which never go out of fashion.
  • She has no time for trendy education methods, and thinks children need to be sat down and taught spelling, grammar and times tables.
  • Her trilogy Out of the Hitler Time – comprising When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, The Other Way Round and A Small Person Far Away – is the story of Anna and her family from 1933 and the rise of Hitler, through the war to Anna’s return to Berlin many years later. Fictional autobiography, the books are used in German schools as an easy introduction to a difficult period in the country’s history.
  • I want her work room.

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Judith Kerr talks to The Guardian about leaving behind her pink rabbit when her family left Berlin, and how the toy became the title of her book about the experience, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. Watch the interview here on You Tube.
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Judith Kerr


‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ by Judith Kerr [UK: HarperCollins] Buy now

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