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You know that book shop at the airport with bargain paperbacks to keep you occupied during a flight? Well that’s how this promotion works. Browse this selection of ‘Women’s Contemporary Fiction’ ebooks. Most are 99p or $1. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s a low-risk way of finding a new author. Why not buy more than one book? What have you got to lose? Bargain ebooks

The selection features novels from authors including Roz Marshall, Rachel Dacus, Holly Stevenson, Gayle Leeson and Lily Baines. Click the LINK to see what’s on offer.
Here are three I’m tempted by.
Bargain ebooksTHE RENAISSANCE CLUB by Rachel Dacus. May Gold is a frustrated young art historian traveling on the vacation of a lifetime, touring Italy, but with a heart full of troubles. Her career has stalled, her boyfriend won’t commit, and her vindictive boss is along on the tour. May’s only happiness is to daydream, imagining herself in the arms of her hero, 17th century artist Gianlorenzo Bernini. Love and a new world await May Gold. She just doesn’t realize it can exist in the rear-view mirror, the past she has studied so well.
Bargain ebooksHIGHTAIL IT TO KINSEY FALLS by Gayle Leeson. Jade Burt can do without her grandmother’s meddling in her love life. But when Millie finds an abandoned baby possum, it leads her to Caleb Young. Caleb would be perfect for Jade! When Jade meets Caleb, it’s hard to argue with her grandmother’s choice. Still, Jade is determined to push Caleb away, but his friendship with Millie concerns her. What if he’s a slick con man trying to take advantage of a sweet old lady?
Bargain ebooksOr try OF ALL PLACES by Lily Baines. Melanie Allen needs a change. Longing to escape her uneventful life, the introverted librarian jets off to picturesque Montenegro for a one-week tour. With little confidence in herself, she encounters a stunningly handsome man and acts impulsively for the very first time.
Offer ends on MARCH 8.
Remember, the offer closes on March 8… start reading one of these bargain women’s fiction reads today. Here’s that LINK FOR BARGAIN EBOOKS again.


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