‘Sally’s List’, a short story

Sally lies in bed in the early-morning limbo of darkness. Unable to snatch more sleep before the alarm rings, her mind drifts and she wonders how life brought her here to this bed. This house. This husband. This life. The me I am now.

Her husband snores and rolls over so his face rests inches from hers, the rush of breath on his out-snore brushes her fringe into her eyes.

How did I get here?

She remembers the list of ‘When I Am Married’ she’d compiled when she was 19. short storyI will always paint my toenails.
My bra and knickers will always match.
I will wash and blow-dry my hair every morning.
I will never go anywhere in the car with a coat over my pyjamas.
I will never do something my husband wants to do, just for an easy life.
I will never fake a headache.
Ditto a period pain.
I will not squeeze myself into tight black lingerie, just because he bought it for me.
I will keep my own friends, and not adopt his friends as mine.
I will not pretend to understand the rules of Formula One.
I will not expect him to watch the boxset of ‘Sex and the City’ and I refuse to watch ‘Terminator’ repeats.
I will never like ‘Top Gear’.
I will never fancy a man with hair on his shoulders. That’s what waxing is for.

How did I get here?

Then a featherlight kiss brushes her ear, pulling her upwards to face the morning.

Arms enfold her, and she remembers.

© Sandra Danby
[this story was first published at Ether Books]

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